Monday, July 25, 2011

random polishes

Hi All!

So like many, i have quite a few random polishes that are not as big name brand as some others. The first photo is of the Sinful Colors that i own. These are found in drugstores and target, an
d probably other places that i don'tknow. from what i have seen my local Walgreens has the largest selection of Sinful Colors that i have seen.

(L-R) Happy Ending, Pull Over, Easy Going, Dream On

The second photo is of all of my

nail art brushes. I need to stock back up on these. I only have these five left from my collection. They come in handy when you want to
make designs for nails, because of the small brush. You can find sets of these at Walmart(the 3 kiss nails on the left with the silver top) or drug stores. I like the consistency of the LA Colors (the two on the right) they can be found in stores like Dollar General and Dollar Tree for $1 each, and i find they are worth the money.

(L-R) Kiss in Navy Blue, Pink, Green, and LA Colors in Yellow and Purple

Next is Sally Hansen. I find that her Polish is very good quality and is a decent price in most stores. You can find them at Walmart and
drugstores. I have many in the Extreme Wear Line

(L-R) Insta-Dri, Red Carpet, Lacey Lilac, Mint Sorbet, Fuchsia Sorbet, Sun Kissed, The Real Teal, Blue Me Away!, Red, Ruby Sequin, and a Shimmery Burgundy (also i forgot to picture Celeb City which is a silver metallic)

Others that I have are Savvy by Femme Couture French White White and Ebony Black, which can be found at Sally Beauty Supply.

Next is Ulta's Pinata yada yada, which is a knock off of Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday. Its an alright substitute, but it chips after one day if you put more than one coat. Its not my favorite.

Ok, so this is my favorite color(so i have it in many brands lol). This random polish is Milani in Totally 80s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color. The aplication of this green isnt that great though. its not at opaque as i would like it to be.

This one is a Mood Changing Nail Polish that i got from Rue 21. Sorry to say that it does not work like the top says. :( its supposed to change form Berry Pink to Neon Pink. I think its just stuck on Neon Pink. Whenever I see this color it makes me want some Del Sol Color changing polish, like the nude to Bright Red. I think that it would be awesome.

This one is a CoverGirl Boundless Color in Fushia Girl is a pink polish that i have had for a few years now. I remember seeing it in an ad with glitter over top, and i bought the pair because i liked the look. I have the glitter polish somewhere around here and if i find it ill be sure to post it.

Nina Ultra Pro Salon formula in Molten Copper. I Really wanted a duotone and i found this one at sally and it looks really cool. if you just wear it on your nails, its very neutral. I also think that it would look good as a topcoat.

I believe that sums up my random collection, I do have a No name pink polish and a Sally Girl glow in the dark, but i didn't think it was necessary to post them.


These next few posts will be pictures of my inventory, my favorite colors, topcoats, tools, and tricks. :) Ill start with a photo of my collection. Ive just cleaned out all of my cheaper polish and gave them to my younger sister so that she could start her own collection!

So heres a look into my polish box! I don't have nearly as much polish as many other nail bloggers, but im quite happy with my stash.
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