Sunday, October 16, 2011

epic rhinestone FAIL

So i wanted to do something cute.  I decided to use Color Club Almost Famous from the Poptastic collection(this is my favorite!! you will definitely see more of them!!) So this is what it looked like. :)

This is Two Coats of Almost Famous.  I think that this is the perfect bright sunny yellow. :)

 I had a little boo boo on my ring finger tip.. oopsie.  

So then comes the fun part. Rhinestones. These are not any rhinestones. they are dollar tree rhinestones. lol.  So it is safe to say that they are not the best quality. but hey, they serve the purpose I want them to.  But i have a few issues! First off,  I know that there are bubbles. EW.  Noone likes bubbles. but I think its because im using an old bottle of Seche that is SUPER thick.  I think its time for me to move on to a new bottle. I also think that the air will just get trapped because of the rhinestones anyway.  So I was probably doomed to fail.   lol.  I also think I need to have a pattern for them next time instead of just putting them on there until I feel like it has enough. :P

I seem to have MONSTER bubbles in the nail.  but you cant really notice it from afar. 

This is HORRENDOUS.  Look at those awful bubbles. :(

If you have any tips for me and my horrific rhinestone application leave me a comment!

Thanks a bunch for reading!

Until next time!

XOX Caitlin


  1. I love Almost famous, its the perfect yellow.

  2. I agree Courtney. It is the perfect yellow.

  3. Amazing yellow!

    You could get thinner for the SV. Its only like $4 at Sally's. If you can order online, this seller on Ebay has great rhinestones. Only a dollar. I love them!

  4. thanks Ashley!

    I think I am going to get thinner for my other polishes, i just think that its time for me to retire that old bottle of seche. lol. does any other thinner work with seche? i know that they have their special one for theirs. I may check it out. I find myself feeling the rhinestones on my finger all day! lol. im not sure if rhinestones are for me. lol

  5. I use Rhinestones Only and don't get those bubbles :)just use a thin coat though.


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