Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hi Guys!!

Ok, so I broke my No-Buy for two Sinful Colors... but they were only .99!  I bought a red one (because for some reason i dont have much plain red in my stash. idk?)  and this beauty right here.  Sinful Colors Savage. (warning! Messy Cuticles...)

Anywho... yes this is a beautiful matte turquoise... but I thought it needed a little extra oomph.  So I did what any polish-aholic would do and GLITTER BOMBED IT! Oh yeah.   WE shall see how long I can stand this chunky glitter... 

This is two coats of SC Savage and then the tips are glitter bombed with Revlon Blue Mosaic. Me likey.

(In that creepy tv voice...) OhYeah.. !   Overall I like it.  I just don't like how chunky it is at the tips.  It makes it difficult to type...

And I have a surprise for you all today!

Without further ado...
Meet Mr. Bingley!


 Mr. Bingley is my roommates kitty that we rescued from a shelter. He is a sweetheart and he decided to come and visit me up the stairs.  Isn't he precious!

Well I hope you enjoyed these nails, and a look at my little buddy. :)

Until next time,

XOX, Caitlin


  1. Very Pretty :) It's impossible to pass up 99 cent polish!!!!

  2. Hi,Caitlin!I like this blue mattified,it looks alot like one of the Zoya matte polishes.

  3. Thanks! And I just saw that you posted my blog on your post! Thanks so much! I've been getting hits from it! :)

    And I agree. I actually wasnt expecting it to be matte, but it was a pleasant surprise.


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