Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cheetah Print Tutorial


This is a video tutorial I made a while back. It's very basic Cheetah print nails.  I hope it is easy to  understand.   To help better understand I have typed them up below if you decide to paint yours too!

What you need:
3 polish colors
dotting tool or toothpick
top coat

First pick out 3 colors that you want to use.  In the video I wen for a nude polish with neutral accent colors in order to have a classic look.  I have also used neons which was awesome too. (the colors I use are Zoya Minka, Color Club Give me a Hint, and Sally Hansen Black out.

The first step is obviously to paint the base color first.

Next you choose your first accent color which for me was a neutral purple tone.  You place random dots on the nail, it doesn't matter if some of them touch, or if some are bigger than others.  This gives it character. :)

After you have your cheetah dots on the nail you take your third color and get a tad on the tip of the dotting tool.  You place the third color on the outside of the circles you painted on your nails in a half moon shape. You don't have to be perfect with it.  Just paint the half moons on either side and on the ones around them do them perpendicular to the first one.  You don't have to have them all the same way or direction it looks better when they aren't. 

Once they dry put a top coat on to seal it.

I hope this helps.  I am by no means an expert, and my skills at describing them are not the best, I hope I got the point across. lol

XOX Caitlin

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