Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ColorWorkshop from Dollar Tree

I went to the Dollar Tree today looking for glow in the dark nail polish and I saw Color Workshop polishes in a pack of 3.  The colors looked kinda promising, so i thought I'd give it a shot.  if atleast one was good then it is worth it.  for only $1 i decided to go for it.  If I dont like them I can use them for frankens.  lol

It came with a charcoal grey, a metallic-y pink, and a peachy looking color.  I have the swatches for you if you are interested in these or my opinion. :P

This is the charcoal grey.  Two coats, with the tips flooded, because of the weird application.  I am kind of "meh" about this polish.   It is streaky, the color is uninteresting, and it doesn't stamp well.  I am thinking this is going into my franken pile.

The next was a pink metallic-y color.  It is a pretty rosey pink. This is 3 coats.  application was how i was expecting(not the best for a 33 cent polish.) but I think layered this color wouldn't be that bad. I didn't try to stamp with it, but my guess is it wont stamp well either. lol

Of the three this is my favorite.  I don't normally like sheer polishes, but this one caught my eye.  This is three coats, and as you can see it is still sheer.  This is definitely a layering color.  As I was applying it I kept thinking about some cool gradients I could do with this polish, and I think it has potential. waaaaay too shear to stamp.

All in all I think that they are sub-par, but I am still happy with them.  I also found one blue glow in the dark polish and some Sally Hansen nail clippers that keep the clippings in on my bargain hunt today. :)



  1. I saw these at my dollar tree too,but didn't get them.You make them look soooo pretty!


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