Monday, November 14, 2011

more fun with the stamper!

I really liked the Jelly finish of the Sinful Colors polish I had on, and I decided to experiment more with my stamper.  I also found an amazing polish that stamped, another Sinful Colors called Soul Mate.  It was from their Open Seas collection, which had a few dupes from the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean  collection. 

I am actually getting used to the stamper now and these look pretty good I think!

This lace pattern was hard for me to get, but this polish was able to be picked up by the stamper amazingly! I was surprised.  and these two colors go well together I think. :)

How are your stamping adventures coming along?

XOX Caitlin


  1. It looks great! I really like those colors together!

  2. Yes, just so I could comment :D


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