Sunday, December 18, 2011

Phantom of the Opera Nails!

Ok, so ALL of my friends know that Phantom of the Opera is my ALL TIME favorite movie. (even my sweet 16 was phantom themed, and my puppy is named Raoul.) And this past summer my awesome boyfriend took me to see it on Broadway! :)

Today I have Phantom of the Opera nails. I thought they were needed since I got my Konad M73 yesterday! I have been dreaming about this manicure ever since I first saw the plate, and it doesn't disappoint. :)

I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White as the base.
Wet N Wild Black Creme as the music stamp and the black accent for the mask.
LA Colors Red Striper for the red rose.
Color Club Perfect Mol-Ten as the stem and leaves of the rose.

I absolutely love this. :) I Don't want to take it off!

 XOX Caitlin

Bonus picture: Me before we went to see phantom!

Another Bonus Picture:  Me at my sweet 16 almost 4 years ago! lol.  Phantom themed party!

Another Bonus Picture: My puppy Raoul! (he's almost four!)


  1. super cool nails great job and i love your sweet 16 dress!

  2. gorgeous mani!
    I tagged you in my latest tag post

  3. Did you use a stamp for the rose? What plate?

    1. The Rose was from my Salon Express kit I purchased at Rite Aid the plate number is SE03. :)

  4. I most definitely had a Phantom of the Opera themed Sweet 16 too! Not even kidding!!

    I just started my own nail polish blog... I have only posted one thing yet, but if you could just check it out, and maybe I could post a link to you on my blog, if you could give me any advice, id really appreciate it!!!!

    1. Sure! Email me a link to your blog and I will check it out!


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