Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Cure for the Wingless RA Fairies!

OK, so I know alot of ladies have been dissappointed with the fairies on the Red Angel plates not having wings, so I wanted to do a post where I give them wings! And I have just that for you today!

As I show you in a previous post, there are 2 Red Angel plates that the fairies do not have wings.  here is a photo as a reminder:

As a result of a computer malfunction(Im assuming) the fairies are wingless, so they look like dancing girls. 

The remedy I have for that is double stamping.

I used HALF of the butterfly on the Red Angel plate RA119, and the Fairy body from RA113, and this is what happened!

I think that it turned out really cool.

I used Wet N Wild Black creme as the base, and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep as the stamping polish.

How to get this look:
  • Choose a very well pigmented stamping color that you know works well.
  • Stamp the fairy body FIRST!
  • if you have a double ended stamper, the small end works great for the butterfly wing, if not, just carefully place the middle part of the wing close to the fairy body.  
  • Please note: this will take a few tries to get right.  it took me about 10 tries to figure out the right position of the fairy body and about 10 more to get the wings to match up, but once you figure out the position it is well worth it to end up with pretty fairies with pretty wings!!
I hoped this helps some people out, especially the ones who are heartbroken from not getting fairies with wings.  These things happen, and when they do we can just make them better! :)

I personally like the way my wings turned out better than the fairies that already have wings.. But that is just my opinion!

XOX Caitlin


  1. This turned out really neat! Good idea.

  2. such a great idea! looks so much better with wings :)

  3. Thank you so much for figuring that out..I was one of those who wanted the RA plates mainly for the cute little fairies...NOT the DANCING Girls(thats just not!♥


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