Saturday, January 7, 2012

Walmart Stampng Experiment

Ok so I wanted to try to use my new stamper/scraper/polish set from WalMart.

(Warning lots of words!)

This is a picture that I had on the previous blog post, and this is a comparison of the size of the stampers. They are the same size.

Ok, For this post I used a base of Wet N Wild Black Creme.

I used 2 types of polish to compare, and the two stampers to compare.

On the Pinkie finger: White Flirt polish that came in the pack and stamped with new Pink Stamper

On the Ring finger: White Flirt polish that came in the pack and stamped with the Purple Double Ended stamper.

On the middle finger: Wet N Wild French White Creme and stamped with the new Pink stamper

On the Index finger: Wet N Wild French White Creme and stamped with the Purple double ended stamper.

so it goes: pinkstamp-Flirt, purplestamp-Flirt, Pinkstamp-WnW, Purplestamp-WnW

In conclusion:

I tried the scraper, and I personally don't like it. I will continue to use my gift card. I'm sure it is fine, I just have to get used to using it, and right now I prefer the gift card.

Both of the stampers work the same.  And I believe are of similar quality.  although I needed to buff the pink stamper before I picked up the image, which is common with most stampers.

In regard to the Flirt stamping polish, I believe it is very nice.  It shows up more opaque and stronger against the black polish.  It shows up better than the French White Creme, which is on the last two nails in the picture.

In conclusion I think this would be a great thing for people who are looking to get into stamping but are a little worried about not being able to do it. It is something that takes practice but a few short tips I have for beginning with this set:

  • buff the stamper with a file before you begin to prep it.
  • I would reccomend using an old gift card for your first time, it is just easier to get all the excess polish off.
  • work fast and have the clean stamper 
  • have polish remover/acetone on hand to clean the stamper and plate after every use
  • It takes practice, and once you get the perfect image on your stamper you will be so excited to put it on your nail! 
Again it only cost me $6 at walmart for the pink stamper set with white polish, and you can see the results above. :)

Hope this was helpful to anyone!

XOX Caitlin


  1. I have never seen stamping sets at Walmart! I hope mine gets them soon!! =D Did it come with a plate too or just the stamper and polish?

  2. it came with one plate. and there was a set of 2 plates next to it for about $2 I believe.

    These sets are new, I think when they restock they should be there, I hope yours get it as well!

  3. I have never filed my stampers and not sure I get why. Mine works just fine! Think it's cool Walmart has gotten into it. Maybe they will make plates next!! I never use a scraper it scratches my plates. I also use a gift card!! See you on Facebook!

  4. Hmm, I might buy this. I really need white stamping polish. I use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White. It works, but not as well as stamping polishes. For that matter, I have the same problem with black.

  5. Thanks for the review! Very helpful :)

  6. I just bought this at Walmarts the other day and found it really easy to use!...I totally reccommend it...especially for that low low price...♥


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