Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cheeky Image Plates *Pic heavy*

A few days ago someone in the Adventures in Stamping group pointed out these awesome image plates on Amazon, and clicked the link.  The images were adorable, and the price wasn't to beat, so I jumped right in and ordered them.

Unfortunately they are out of stock right now, but hopefully they will be back in stock again soon. This is the link to Amazon here.

I'm going to start with info about the plates and questions people ask, and then show pictures of all of the individual plates, so hopefully it will help someone out!

First off, these plates have a backing.  So that means you won't get cut like the Red Angel or Shaney plates. I really like that it has this.

Here is a comparison of the size of the images compared to a Konad, Red Angel, and the two different sized images on their plates.  Some of tthe images are smaller than others, but it's not a huge difference.  I still have trouble covering the whole nail though.

Now on to the Image plates.

There are 26 image plates in the set.  These pictures aren't in order for some reason, but they skip a few numbers anyway.  here they are:

XOX Caitlin


  1. Oh man, there are so many super fun designs!!!

  2. I saw when this was posted and missed out! Gawd I hope they bring them back. Thanks for sharing :)


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