Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pure Ice Comparison (with Macros)

 Over the past week I have accumulated a few Pure Ice Polishes, and I wanted to do a comparison for my readers, so they can know which ones they want to go and pick up.  I have macro shots along with a bottle shot of each polish, so that you can tell a difference in the store. :) 

All of my photos are shot under a desk lamp. and this is one coat of each over Wet N Wild Black Creme. (except the last macro with all of the polishes layered together)

They all retail for $1.97 at Walmart.  (you may have to go to more than one, because I picked these up at 3 different ones, the all had different selection, because mine were totally wiped out, I hope they restock fully soon)


In the bottle it is purple with gold-purple duochrome, I love how this turned out on the nail!

 Oh Baby!:

 This one has an initially blue shimmer, and then the shimmer turns the pinky-purple color. 


 Heart Breaker:

 This beauty flashes an amazing cobalt blue at extreme angles (I couldn't capture it in this photo, because the angle is extreme) but you can still see the a little bit of a teal-y shift towards the base of the nail.



Originally on the nail Tease and Rio looked very similar, but Tease has a more pink base on the nail that flashes a little blue.


 Compared to Tease, this one has alot more blue shift in it,  If you look at the nail you can see the purple shift in the middle, and I think that it looks amazing!

This last Macro is All of them put together on one nail: Just look at this beauty! OMG

What do you think of these polishes? Do you own any? Are you going to run out and pick them all up? ;)

XOX Caitlin


  1. love that last shot of all of them!

  2. yep, going to run out and (try to) get them all! So pretty! :) Thanks for the bottle shots. Helps me not to have to pick up every single polish. LOL! ;)

    1. Glad they are helpful! I hope you are able to find them all!

      they are all amazing. I'm sure they are just as amazing layered over other polishes.. Imagine the possibilities!

  3. I need to get more! I only have Oh Baby and Heartbreaker! But need them all now! :) Good thing they are so cheap!

  4. LOVE this post. We just got a Walmart, so I am new to these - excited about the possibilities!

  5. OH Yeah baby...that's what I'm talking about...lol...next to Sinful Colors I've been buying Pure Ice polishes like there's no tomorrow!...NOW I NEED to get Busted and Rio...LUV..luv them all....

  6. these are pretty! I have Oh Baby! but would like to pick up a few others like Rio & Heart Breaker. Thanks for the macro shots, they're awesome!

  7. Wow, thank you so much for the post! Definitely adding these to my list next time I'm shopping in the US!

  8. Thaaaanks for this post! I've got the first three, but I'm going to try to find Tease and Rio tomorrow. :D


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