Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pure Ice - Oh Baby

 Pure Ice Oh Baby! is another Walmart polish, and it is a beauty! The base is milky with blue-purple shimmer in it, and just look at the amazing duo-chromy-goodness in this polish.

It flashes blue-green to purply-pink, and for $1.97 I had to pick it up! It is sooo gorgeous on the nails, and it is fun to watch change color in front of the light!

*edit  Here is a bottle shot in case you wanted to go looking for it. ;)

What do you think? Do you have any Pure Ice polishes? I bet you are going to go out and get some after all of my swatches this past week. :P


  1. This is beautiful! I might have to get some of these x

  2. I have a few of their polishes and like them. They are cheap, every once in a while a polish will have bubble issues, but for the price they are good.

  3. Very nice swatches. Following you now :)

  4. Just bought this and looking for ideas; did you put it over black in these photos? Beautiful, btw!


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