Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello Kitty Nail Art!

Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails is hosting a nail art contest!

My favorite things! I want you to create a manicure that you think I'd love, using my favorite nail art techniques or themes, which are: gradients, animal print, bows, dots, and Hello Kitty.
Create your manicure using one (or more!) of those 5 ideas, and submit it.
Your design doesn't have to be limited to these ideas but just make sure at least one is included somewhere.
Feel free to go back through my posts and take inspiration from them!"

I chose Hello Kitty and Animal Print!

I did a Cheetah print on all of the nails except the ring finger, and I used dotting tools to freehand the hello kitty head onto my nails.

The colors used:

Color Club Poptastic - background
Color Club Hot Like Lava - inside of cheetah and HK Bow
Wet N Wild French White Creme - HK
Wet N Wild Black Creme - details
and as I stated above I used my new dotting tools from ebay!

What do you think of them? Are you entering the contest?

XOX Caitlin


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