Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 14: Creative Lacquer Challenge Funky French

Ahhhh the Prismatic Collection.  These glitters are the hardest thing in the world to photograph.  I never wanted them from seeing all of the swatches, but when I saw them in person I had to get them. 

I used China Glaze Prism from the Prismatic Collection for the funky french.   I really hate glitters, because they are such a pain to remove.  this one was no exception, it was a pain in the rear to remove, but it is just so pretty it was worth it.
 The stamp used for this funky french is from the Cheeky Set CH23

Do you have any of the Prismatics?

XOX Caitlin


  1. This is really really cool! =)

  2. Have you tried the foil method to remove glitter polish? I love it, it really makes removing glitters SO easy!!!


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