Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fish Egg Manicure

The Caviar Mani.  This has been around since Fashion Week of 2011 (Check the date of this link if you would like. or this one too)  And now Ciate is trying to claim the idea of "Caviar" nails/Manicure as their own.  This really bothers me, because it was not their idea, and now they are going to make money off of it.  They have even sent Cease and Desist letters to bloggers who show how to recreate the mani for cheaper than their $25 price tag.  There is alot of talk about this in the nail community, and I don't think that sending cease and desist letters to bloggers is really going to help their reputation. I know I certainly will not buy from them, even though now they will be sold at Sephora.  If you want to know more there are many, many bloggers talking about it recently, so if you just search for ciate caviar manicure cease and desist, plenty of blogs will come up.

Also, the price it cost me to do this manicure?  approximately 12 cents.  Yes. 12 CENTS. I will share more on that later.

The blue color is Zoya Skylar. The beads are from the Dollar tree!

OK, here is the good part.  The price of my manicure.  I got these adorable mini bottles of glitter and random things at the Dollar Tree.  The mini bottles were packaged together in sets of 8 for $1, which is why this cost me .12 cents. At the dollar tree they had a package of mini seed beads which i used for this manicure, and it had 8 different colors.  They also had misc. glitter, and shape glitter, and bar glitter, and crushed shells.  they are just enough to do one day's nail art, and I think they are a good deal because I don't really use glitter/seed beads that often anyway. And when I saw them I couldn't pass them up!  .12 cent or $25 for a temporary manicure? I will go with my dollar tree nail art. :)

XOX Caitlin


  1. Love your combo of colors and beads! I almost bought some online, now I'm going to check the dollar store, thanks!!

  2. I am sooo glad you posted this - I saw Sally's posted a tutorial on how to do it cheaply too *giggles* I need to hit up my Dollar store now - love it!

  3. Dollar Tree beads? Awesome!


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