Monday, April 30, 2012

Freehand Roses

 For today's nails I did a freehand Roses. I think these turned out very well.  

I used Zoya Skylar as the base.  Then I used Zoya Bevin for the leaves.  I used Color Club Sugar Sheer for the base of the flowers and then I used Barielle Cosmic Kiss for the accent on the flowers. 

I really like these. They only took about 20 minutes to do.   :)

XOX Caitlin


  1. These are so pretty, I really need to get some brushes to do my nail art with xo

  2. You are so talented! How did you do this free hand??!! Please do a tutorial soon.

  3. Those are absolutely beautiful! Great job!

  4. Wow these are incredible! I wish I had the talent to do this!

  5. Very pretty. And how do you get your cuticles so perfect?!

    1. Actually I used Blue Cross Cuticle Remover and a cuticle pumice stone from Sallys, and i haven't had problem cuticles in about a month!


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