Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tutorial: Brushstroke Mani

I had a few people ask me to do a tutorial on the BrushStroke mani I posted here.  So here it is! Let's get started.

The tools you need:
a fan nail art brush
a palate for your polish
your base color (i would suggest a light color)
and  3 colors for the accent colors(or more depending what you want to do. :))

Step 1:  Apply base color (shown here is OPI Skull and Glossbones)

Step 2: put a few drops on to the palate to pick the paint up on the brush. 

Step 3: Pick up the paint on the brush and disperse it through the brush.  you only need a little bit on the brush to transfer. I kind of brush the paint out away from the dot and smear it out a little on the palate to get away excess. (shown in step 5 photo)

Step 4: apply lightly to the nail in random places, some big some small, apply as much or as little s you want. have fun with it!

Step  5: do the same with the 2nd color, and fill it in a little bit more leaving a little bit of space for your last color.
Here in the background you can see how I smear it away to only get a little on the tip of the brush.  you don't want too much polish on the tips or it will cover the entire nail. (personally I think I used too much blue in this one)

Step 6: Repeat again with the last color filling in any missing gaps.  It is great to overlap colors especially if they are sheer and create new colors!  I did quite a few times.  the point is to just make a piece of art on your nails. So it is your creation, do with it what you please! 

Here is my finished result with Seche Vite Top Coat and cleaned up the colors that got onto my cuticles.

Do you think you will be trying this?

XOX Caitlin

* (the lighting may be a little off in these photos, I got a new light, and am working on figuring out the settings for my camera. :D)*


  1. Really nice tutorial. Love the outcome. Gonna try this soon. I love seeing different use's for this fan brush.

  2. loving it - quick, easy and artfully messy - my fave 3 thngs! xxx

  3. Thanks for the tutorial on this. I think I will try it.


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