Saturday, July 28, 2012

Guest Week: Manicured Monkey!

Hi Everyone!! The Manicured Monkey here invading Caitlin's blog for the day :) I have a neat-o polish to share with you guys- OPI Black Spotted.

First I put down two coats of my favorite pink: OPI Strawberry Margarita. This one is a medium pink creme that I absolutely love for a mani/pedi combo and I think it's versatile enough year round. I let that dry (apparently not enough but I'll get to that) then I put on a super thin coat of OPI Black Spotted. This effect polish is so incredibly different from the shatters; it separates like water and oil does and it is an instant effect.

Now, I did notice a few cracks and I think that's either because I didn't let Strawberry Margarita dry enough and/or I used too much Spotted. I did top coat it (it dries like a vinyl/rubber look). I'm still experimenting with it but I look forward to perfecting this effect, I hope we get it in the U.S.!!

Thanks again to Caitlin for letting me take over today :)



  1. Cool! Pink and Black is a goth-classic. nice to see it paired with OPI Black Spotted


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