Thursday, July 12, 2012

Magnetic Week: Filthy Gorgeous In A Trance

Now that you have seen the Nails Inc Magnetic Polishes I have, I will be showing you the 3 Filthy Gorgeous magnetic polishes that i have. My awesome boyfriend brought these to me when he came to visit in March.  As far as I know, these polishes are only available in the UK, or order them online.

This polish is more of a green/teal magnetic, at some times(especially in the bottle) it looks hunter green.  and it is just as the name states, Gorgeous! This is 2 coats and topcoat, using the Filthy Gorgeous magnet that came in the cap.

And a macro!

I really love the look of these magnetics! And on the nail, there is so much dimension! I wish I could portray that on the nail through the photographs!

I am not sure where you can purchase these polishes, but they retail for £12. 

XOX Caitlin

1 comment:

  1. Me ha encantado el color y el efecto que deja el imán.
    Un saludo


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