Monday, July 9, 2012

Magnetic Week! Nails Inc - Houses of Parliament

Woooo! I have 7 magnetic polishes, so I am kicking off Magnetic Week with Houses of Parliament, an amazing Purple Magnetic Polish that is just glowing on my nails.  The magnet give it an amazing 3D look you have to see yourself, it is just stunning! 

The magnet on this polish is great! It is really strong, so it picks up the iron pigment in it.  I would say don't do super thick coats, because if you do, and you hold the magnet for too long over the nails, the iron particles will begin to pick up off of the nail like they are crawling towards the magnet. Its kind of cool to see, but not what you want to happen on your nails. lol.

This is 1 coat of Nails Inc Houses of Parliament used with the Magnetic bar on the top of the lid, and a top coat of Seche Vite. :)

And a Macro, so I can do a Collective at the end! How gorgeous is this polish??

This polish applies so well and so effortlessly.  The magnet didn't take long to leave the design, maybe 2-5 seconds. I did a topcoat, because I love how shiny it makes it. :)

My Boyfriend got this one for me and brought it to me for my birthday in March, and I have held on to it until now.  He also got me 5 of the others I have to show you during my Magnetic Week! So I look forward to sharing with you the different polishes I have.

This polish I believe can be purchased from Amazon(which is Shipped by Sephora) or Sephora for $16

XOX Caitlin


  1. That is amazing I will never get tired of magnetic nail polish, now if only I could get my hands on some nail inc polish :)

  2. This was my first Nails Inc polish and my favourite! I'm addicted to the quality of their polishes :) x


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