Thursday, August 30, 2012

BFF Challenge: Cath Kidston

So today's nail art is based on Cath Kidston. Cath Kidston is known for her nostalgic floral prints, so of course I had to recreate one!

These are the nails I did:

 I used Sation Board Girl Blue as the base, followed by Barry M Bright Pink for the base of the flowers, and then Essie Ole Caliente for the flower detail, and A green Sally Hansen that doesn't have a label that I got at the Dollar Tree. Ignore my shiny cuticles, I applied a different cuticle oil that I don't normally use before I took photos.

This is what I was going for!

I think it turned out well! What do you think?

XOX Caitlin

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Teal Tuesdays: Funky French

 Today's theme is Funky French, and I chose to use some teal China Glazes I have!

I used 2 coats of China Glaze Exotic Encounters as the base color, followed by China Glaze Optical Illusion applied diagonally on the tips for a funky french. :)  Optical Illusion has a cool duochrome which is hard to catch on camera, but it is there, and it is cool.

 XOX Caitlin

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BFF Challenge: Inspried by a City

Yes, this is very late... this is saturdays post for the BFF Challenge! The city I chose was Charleston SC, which is one of my favorite places to visit. 

I painted Rainbow Row on the pinky and ring, followed by the bridge on the middle, and the beach on the pointer.

XOX Caitlin

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

BFF Challenge: Inspired by a Movie

The theme chosen for today was movies! I love love love movies, especially musicals.  So far I have featured Phantom of the Opera nails here(an oldie, but still some of my favorites!), Psycho, which are also an oldie, and also Wizard of Oz, Rent, and the Lion King, and Hunger Games nails on the blog.

These I am really proud of, they are of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  I almost was able to see it when I was in London, but it closed on the day I arrived, so I was not able. On these nails are the Barber sign that is outside of shops, followed by Sweeney Todd on the ring finger, then blood, and finally the razor on the pointer.

I am proud of the Sweeney Todd I painted, because I am normally not very good at faces/bodies. All of these nails are freehand, and use a combination of nail polish and acrylic paint.

What do you think?  If you want to know what colors I used, just ask, there are just too many to mention!

XOX Caitlin

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

China Glaze On Safari Nail Art

Nail Art!! I decided to do some simple nail art using the China Glaze On Safari polishes I own.  I only own three, but I think I will be getting more eventually, the ones I own are just so gorgeous!

The style of this post is going to be showing the steps I used to get to the final nail art product:

 To get these nails I didn't use any nail art tools, I only used the polish brush that came in the bottle, and a steady hand.

Up first is the base I used of China Glaze Manhunt. I am obsessed with blues like this one!  This is two coats of Manhunt, and it covered perfectly.  One coat was sheer, but two coats covered all the way. I love the jelly-like look of this polish. It just looks so squishy!

Next I added a stripe down the middle of China Glaze Exotic Encounters.  I have heard rumors that this polish stains when used on its own, but I haven't applied it as an entire base of polish, so I can not attest to that.  It is a nice teal creme.

Finally I added dots down the middle stripe, with China Glaze I'm Not Lion.  Gold glitter!  In the bottle you can see the awesome holo glitter.

Simple nail art, yet still beautiful at the same time.

XOX Caitlin

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Barielle Swatchfest: Some Like it Hot and Dazzling Diamonds

Today I have for you Barielle Some Like it Hot and Dazzling Diamonds Collections.  I was sent these a few weeks ago, and just got around to swatching them now, for reasons you will see later. 

This post is going to be pic heavy!

In all of the photos I used 2 coats of the color unless stated otherwise. and with the glitter topcoats I only used 1 coat of glitter. 

The collections consist of:
Some Like it Hot Collection: Lilly of the Valley, Sunshine, Life of the Party, Gotta Have Fate, and Surfs Up
Dazzling Diamonds Collection: Stardust, Purple Heart, Cherry Blossom Sparkler, Ebony Rainbow, Pink Diamond

Lilly of the Valley
Up first is Lily of the Valley, a really neat Green shimmer. It looks a bit like it wants to be a foil, but it is not.  It took 2 coats to be opaque for the photographs here. I really like this one.

On top of Lily of the Valley I applied one coat of Stardust. Stardust is a white glitter polish that is translucent iridescent glitter in a clear base.  You can see the glitter color better in the bottle in the photo.

This yellow has a hint of shimmer in it, but on the nail it isn't as noticeable as in the bottle(but it is still there). It is a bright sunny yellow, and the name sunshine fits it well.  This is one of my favorites from this collection.

Purple Hearts
This purple glitter polish is my favorite of the Dazzling Diamonds collection, because it is different from the others with larger hex glitters along with small glitters instead of just small glitters.

Life of the Party
A hot pink creme, that is opaque in 2 coats, and is really bright on the nail. I am in love with this one as well. Definitely one of my favorites.

Cherry Blossom Sparkler
This is a small pink glitter in a red jelly base. Over Life of the Party, it only tints the polish a little, and the glitter shows up quite well.

Gotta Have Fate
I first have to say that this photo makes my eyes hurt. The polish is not nearly as neon as the photo is showing, and it leans more coral-y.  I would say that it is a bright color, just not as bright as my photos seem to make them out to be.

Ebony Rainbow
This is a multicolor small glitter polish. I thought it would be more dense than it is, but it is still a pretty color layered. I think layered over a color that isn't so neon would make it pop even more. You can see the glitter in the bottle much better than on the nail because the color is so bright.

Surfs Up
First off, this polish is why I have been waiting to do the review of these polishes. When I started to swatch them a while ago, I ended up making a huge mess, because it STAINS LIKE NO TOMORROW. In the photos below I tried soooooooooo hard not to get it on my cuticles because if I did, I would have been a not-so-happy camper. This is the only color from the collection I will never wear on its own again, for fear of my nails turning blue. It does cover well in one coat, which would make it good for stamping I think, so I may use it for that instead.  This color just caused me un-needed anxiety whenever I removed it! lol. So of the entire collection this is the only polish I do not recommend, because it stains so badly.

Pink Diamond
This pink glitter polish would be awesome on its own.  It would probably only take 3 coats to get full opacity, because the glitter is pretty dense. I layered it over Surfs Up here.

You can buy Barielle polishes for $8 on their site. You get %15 off for registering with your email, and they're pretty much always buy one get one 50% off! Ulta also sells them and you can use their coupons if you'd prefer to buy them in person. Don't forget to check out Barielle's Facebook page too!

My favorites of these collections hav to be Life of the Party and Sunshine, and Purple Hearts.

XOX Caitlin

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bff Challenge: Textured

For today's actual Bff challenge, the theme is Textured.  What better to do than a fish egg mani! I chose the pink seed beads because they were a similar  color to the polish I chose.

I used Kiko 290 as the base color of this polish.  This polish will be coming up on my blog on its own soon, and all I can do is rave about how great it is! This is two amazing coats, no topcoat, no cleanup! The brush was just pure perfection to me.  Then I added the seed beads on the ring finger for an accent nail.

XOX Caitlin

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Bff Challenge: Coffee

I am super late on this post! Thursday's theme the Emma chose was Coffee! In general I am not a huge coffee fan unless I make it myself, because I feel like places like Starbucks just don't make it how I like for it to taste. I love me some french vanilla creamer! lol (the Baileys french vanilla creamer is the absolute best! and it has no alcohol, it is found with the coffee creamers!)

Anywho, here is the coffee mani! I used Kiko 344 as the base, and painted the  coffee cup with Sinful Snow me White, and the used Chian Glaze Mahogany magic for the coffee in the cup! I just used a thin nail art brush for the design.

XOX Caitlin

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Red Week: OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress

I accidentally skipped yesterday, I was busy and was not able to post, so today I have a pretty polish to show you, OPI I'm not Really a Waitress. I believe this polish is part of the core line, and it is a classic shimmery red. Two coats, no topcoat.

XOX Caitlin

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Red Week: Red Snakeskin

These nails look pretty cool, but I don't think you can really tell that it is supposed to be snakeskin.  lol

I began this mani with one coat of Models Own Red Alert, and then applied 2 coats of China Glaze Ruby Pumps and one coat of China Glaze Ring in the Red for a little bit of a brighter red sparkle.  Then I applied a nail foil over the red mani to create the red snakeskin mani. The foil I purchased from Dollar Nail Art and is called Snakeskin.  Snakeskin has a clear base so it can be applied over a color.

Red isn't the first color that comes to mind when thinking of snakskin, but I think it turned out alright I think, even though it doesn't really look like snakeskin. lol

The Foil ate the topcoat badly, so I think I applied 1 coat of HK Girl, then 1 coat of Gelous, and then 2 more coats of HK Girl to even it out and it finally did.

And another angle:

I like this mani, and it certainly does catch the eye!

XOX Caitlin

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Red Week: Star Gazer 160

For today's installment of Red Week here on the blog, I have for you another Star Gazer Polish.

 Star Gazer 160 is a gorgeous shimmery red.  This one took about 3 coats, because I wanted to make sure that it was opaque, and two coats looked a little sheer.  This color has gorgeous golden shimmers in it, which gives it added dimension. Just look how this color pops!  I added 1 coat of Hong Kong Girl Topcoat to the polish to make it super shiny!

I have been super surprized by Star Gazer polishes!  I am glad I picked them up, because they are all great polishes, and I wish I had grabbed more!

Just look at all that shimmer! 

 a close up to show the gold flecks in the polish.

I have a new love in stargazer polishes, the formula is nice, the brushes are decent, and for the price, they are great quality!

Tomorrow I have some awesome nail art for you with red, so stay tuned!

XOX Caitlin

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Red Week Day One!

This week is Red Week on the blog, and a few of my blogger friends are also participating!

The Red I used is Models Own Red Alert, which is an awesome true red, with a creme-jelly finish. It took 2 coats to be opaque.  Then I stamped with my Salon Express SE11(dupe for Konad M57) down the middle of the nail using Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

Be on the lookout for other red posts this week! 

XOX Caitlin

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

BFF Challenge: Black and White

Today's BFF Challenge is Black and White.  It was my day to choose again,  and I just love how black and white nails always turn out.  These came out amazingly, and I am super happy with them!

I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White as the base then I used a makeup sponge to sponge on Wet N Wild Black Creme.  I then used my salon express konad dupe stamp  to stamp on the lacy tips in Sinful Snow me White.  I absolutely love the way this looks!

And a closer photo with the Topcoat Bottle: HK Girl from Glisten and Glow.

I love love love the way these turned out!

XOX Caitlin

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Star Gazer 128

I have a new found love for dimensional colors. Colors that just have more to them than a flat color or plain glitter.   This is one I picked up in London on a whim, and I am so glad I did, because it is gorgeous!

This is Star Gazer 128.  I picked this polish up while my boyfriend and I were on our way to Greggs to buy some Yum Yums when I saw nail polish in a little side store. He let me stop in, and I am glad I did, because of the stargazer polishes I have tried, I have been absolutely pleased with the quality and colors.

I would consider this a magenta-y purple with the gold shining through where the light hits it, and i used 3 coats to get the opacity you see here. (it is a duochrome, but I think it has more dimension than a duochrome.)

After posting it in the Polishaholics group, it was brought to my attention that this polish is kind of similar to China Glaze Awakening and Zoya Shevon. I don't have those, but looking up swatches they do look similar.

I love this polish.I wonder what it would look like if it were layered over, say, a purple.

XOX Caitlin

Are there any polishes like this that you think I should check out?  I am totally lemming Every Month is Oktoberfest by OPI Right now!

Bff Challenge: Music

Woopsie, todays post was supposed to go up yesterday! For the Bff Challenge it was my turn to choose the theme and I chose music. 

Music has been a part of my life for a long time, and in high school I was involved in the marching band.  I was member of the Color Guard for 5 years, and won 2 state titles.  Band is something I am proud of, and it is something that I think is very important and beneficial to students, and I have only seen good come from the students who continue to participate in band. The patterns on my nails are a Trumpet on my pinkie, a tshirt on my ring, music notes on my middle, and a flag on my pointer.

The colors used are Sinful Snow me White, OPI Can You Tapas This?, Wet N Wild Black Creme, and Orly Glitz. 

 XOX Caitlin

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Model's Own and a Stroke of Brilliance

 Here I have for you two polishes I got during my trip, Model's Own Beth's Blue, which I got from the Model's Own polish store at Westfield London, and Essie Stroke of Brilliance which I got from Klout Perks in the mail during my vacation.

I am in absolute awe of these two polishes together. They are amazing!

The formula on the model's own was nice, it was a tad thick, and you don't want to be sitting near a fan when you apply it, but it was opaque in 1 coat, I applied 2 just to be safe and make sure there were no streaky spots. Then I applied Essie Stroke of Brilliance, which is an awesome blue glitter with small, medium and large hex glitters. I used 1 thick coat and dabbed it on my nails, so I got good coverage.

I think these two colors go great together, the blue in both of them have a slight periwinkle tint to them, and I think the combo looks great.

A photo with the Essie bottle.

And the labels.

I love this so much!  what do you think?

XOX Caitlin

London Haul Post + pictures! (pic heavy!)

I want to say thanks to everyone who wrote the guest posts for my  blog while I was away, I think they turned out quite awesome, and I love the way the week went on my blog! I had so much fun in London, and I can't wait to go back.  

As I promised before I left I have a haul post for you today! These are all of the polishes I got while I was in London, and what was waiting at home from me as nail mail when I returned. :)

 First up, the Models Own! In the box are my Beetle Juice polishes, the only one I am missing now is emerald black and I will have the complete collection!  And below the box are 2 polishes from the icecream sundae collection, a red polish called red alert, and Disco Candy from the hed kandi collection. If you want specific names of the others, just ask in the comments and I'll reply! <3

 My boyfriend took me to Westfield London to go polish shopping, which is in Shepherds Bush, and while there I saw a GIGANTIC bottle of polish!  Here is a photo for you guys:

And I managed to stumble upon some Max Factor Fantasy Fire!

These are some randoms I got, Accessorize Pink Spice and Aztec, Barry M Cobalt Blue and Croc Effects, GOSH Purple Heart and Gasoline, and 2True Shade 6.  I think some of these may  go into a giveaway which I plan to hold soon. ;)

 These were a happy accidental finding.  We were walking down the streets of bath and I saw a makeup store that just looked pretty random, and when I looked into the door, there was an entire rack of polish, so I had to check them out. I didn't know how the quality was on them so I took a gamble, but when I tried them on, I was not disappointed!  The brand is Star Gazer , but these polishes don't have names,  only numbers, which is a bit disappointing, but I guess I will have to just give them names so I can remember them.

This was the most expensive polish I purchased on my trip, Make Up Store Greta. An amazing linear holographic.

And my favorite find of all! Kiko! I also purchased these from Westfield London, and they were on sale! They were only 1.50 each.  I grabbed up quite a lot of these colors!

Woo! That wraps up the polishes I purchased on my trip to London.  When I returned home, I found Essie Stroke of Brilliance waiting for me, from Klout Perks. I am super excited about this one! I already have a mani to post with it! 

Also waiting for me was China Glaze Exotic Encounters which I got from Jill at Glisten and Glow!

And 2 bottles of HK Girl! Also from Jill at Glisten and Glow.

Overall, I think I have had a great few weeks of polish shopping.

XOX Caitlin

and some bonus pictures if you care to see pics from my journey to London. :)

 Me and the boyfriend <3

 Crouch End Clock Tower

Carnaby Street

 Fish and Chips!

 Trafalgar Square

 Highgate Cemetary

 Roman Baths 
Bath, Somerset

Tea at the Regency Tea Room, Jane Austen Centre 
Bath, Somerset

 Sheep in a field near Stonehenge


The view on the flight back!
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