Sunday, August 19, 2012

Barielle Swatchfest: Some Like it Hot and Dazzling Diamonds

Today I have for you Barielle Some Like it Hot and Dazzling Diamonds Collections.  I was sent these a few weeks ago, and just got around to swatching them now, for reasons you will see later. 

This post is going to be pic heavy!

In all of the photos I used 2 coats of the color unless stated otherwise. and with the glitter topcoats I only used 1 coat of glitter. 

The collections consist of:
Some Like it Hot Collection: Lilly of the Valley, Sunshine, Life of the Party, Gotta Have Fate, and Surfs Up
Dazzling Diamonds Collection: Stardust, Purple Heart, Cherry Blossom Sparkler, Ebony Rainbow, Pink Diamond

Lilly of the Valley
Up first is Lily of the Valley, a really neat Green shimmer. It looks a bit like it wants to be a foil, but it is not.  It took 2 coats to be opaque for the photographs here. I really like this one.

On top of Lily of the Valley I applied one coat of Stardust. Stardust is a white glitter polish that is translucent iridescent glitter in a clear base.  You can see the glitter color better in the bottle in the photo.

This yellow has a hint of shimmer in it, but on the nail it isn't as noticeable as in the bottle(but it is still there). It is a bright sunny yellow, and the name sunshine fits it well.  This is one of my favorites from this collection.

Purple Hearts
This purple glitter polish is my favorite of the Dazzling Diamonds collection, because it is different from the others with larger hex glitters along with small glitters instead of just small glitters.

Life of the Party
A hot pink creme, that is opaque in 2 coats, and is really bright on the nail. I am in love with this one as well. Definitely one of my favorites.

Cherry Blossom Sparkler
This is a small pink glitter in a red jelly base. Over Life of the Party, it only tints the polish a little, and the glitter shows up quite well.

Gotta Have Fate
I first have to say that this photo makes my eyes hurt. The polish is not nearly as neon as the photo is showing, and it leans more coral-y.  I would say that it is a bright color, just not as bright as my photos seem to make them out to be.

Ebony Rainbow
This is a multicolor small glitter polish. I thought it would be more dense than it is, but it is still a pretty color layered. I think layered over a color that isn't so neon would make it pop even more. You can see the glitter in the bottle much better than on the nail because the color is so bright.

Surfs Up
First off, this polish is why I have been waiting to do the review of these polishes. When I started to swatch them a while ago, I ended up making a huge mess, because it STAINS LIKE NO TOMORROW. In the photos below I tried soooooooooo hard not to get it on my cuticles because if I did, I would have been a not-so-happy camper. This is the only color from the collection I will never wear on its own again, for fear of my nails turning blue. It does cover well in one coat, which would make it good for stamping I think, so I may use it for that instead.  This color just caused me un-needed anxiety whenever I removed it! lol. So of the entire collection this is the only polish I do not recommend, because it stains so badly.

Pink Diamond
This pink glitter polish would be awesome on its own.  It would probably only take 3 coats to get full opacity, because the glitter is pretty dense. I layered it over Surfs Up here.

You can buy Barielle polishes for $8 on their site. You get %15 off for registering with your email, and they're pretty much always buy one get one 50% off! Ulta also sells them and you can use their coupons if you'd prefer to buy them in person. Don't forget to check out Barielle's Facebook page too!

My favorites of these collections hav to be Life of the Party and Sunshine, and Purple Hearts.

XOX Caitlin


  1. SO MUCH COLOUR!! YAY! As skittles would say taste the rainbow. :D

  2. Lily of the valley is one of my favourites

  3. Fantastic swatches! Lilly of the Valley looks so amazing, I need to add it to my stash for sure =)

  4. Wow, great swatches! And some great colours, too!:)


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