Monday, August 6, 2012

Guest Week: Pish Posh and Polish

Hello lovely readers my one of my polish besties, Caitlin asked for guest posts while she went on holiday I jumped at the chance. I love Caitlin’s blog and think her nail art especially is to die for. Sadly my own can’t really compare but I am honoured to have the chance to post on this amazing blog!

Anyway as Caitlin is coming over to my neck of the woods I thought i would share a topical manicure with you. Thats right today you are getting a Best Of British manicure complete with my favourite British nail polish Brand Barry M!

This gave me just the excuse I needed to try a brand new shade that Barry M has just brought out for this very special summer (read Diamond Jubilee’s and big sporting events). Jewel Britannia  is a patriotic polish mixing holographic silver micro glitter with silver, red and blue multi-sized hex’s. It reminds me of alot of an indie polish with it’s unique combination of colours and is also similar (and much cheaper) than the new Jubilee polish by Nails Inc. This polish was easy to work with, being just the right consistency so that in just one coat you picked up lots of glitter, yet it wasn’t goopy! Underneath are two coats of Barry M Matte White which really helps pick up the brightness and sparkle of the glitter. I feel with a white base this looks really fresh but also quite funky.

What I love most about this glitter is that it would look great on top of any coloured polish and I can tell that I am going to loads of fun creating brand new combinations with this. I also think that with about 3 layers you would be able to build up the opacity of this polish to wear it alone (if you bear the glitter removal process). Also with a top coat of Seche this polish is completely smooth. So top marks Mr M!

For an accent I ‘attemped’ a Union Jack. I have two excuses for it’s messy-ness which I hope your forgive. Firstly it is hard to paint such a iconic and complex design on nubbins and secondly although I love Barry M Bright Red (the blue in case you are wondering is Barry M Cobalt)  it is the only Barry M polish I know that always smears when I use it in nail art. However from further away it does look better than these macro pictures- trust me! In fact I got some really nice complements on these nails!

Although Jewel Britannia doesn’t seem to be limited edition you can only get this online at the moment, either directly from or the Boots website. Hopefully it will start spreading to stores soon.

Anyway I really hope you enjoyed my post and if you would like to see more British polish (and some better executed nail art) feel free to pop over to my blog at And finally to Caitlin, thank you so much for allowing me to guest post on your blog and I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip and if you are down my way give me a shout!

Love Kerrie


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