Friday, August 10, 2012

Star Gazer 128

I have a new found love for dimensional colors. Colors that just have more to them than a flat color or plain glitter.   This is one I picked up in London on a whim, and I am so glad I did, because it is gorgeous!

This is Star Gazer 128.  I picked this polish up while my boyfriend and I were on our way to Greggs to buy some Yum Yums when I saw nail polish in a little side store. He let me stop in, and I am glad I did, because of the stargazer polishes I have tried, I have been absolutely pleased with the quality and colors.

I would consider this a magenta-y purple with the gold shining through where the light hits it, and i used 3 coats to get the opacity you see here. (it is a duochrome, but I think it has more dimension than a duochrome.)

After posting it in the Polishaholics group, it was brought to my attention that this polish is kind of similar to China Glaze Awakening and Zoya Shevon. I don't have those, but looking up swatches they do look similar.

I love this polish.I wonder what it would look like if it were layered over, say, a purple.

XOX Caitlin

Are there any polishes like this that you think I should check out?  I am totally lemming Every Month is Oktoberfest by OPI Right now!

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  1. That is one glowy nail polish! What a great find!


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