Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ditit-al Dozen Blue Week: Turquoise and gold

Blue Week Day 3!

So a few weeks ago all over nail boards and groups there was a technique called "Saran Wrap" or "Cling Wrap" mani.  There are two variations of the Saran Wrap mani, and I have one for you today.

I used Kiko 344 as the base of these nails, followed by Orly Glitz for the gold accent on top using Saran Wrap.

The way I achieved these nails, was by painting the gold onto a piece of paper and balling up my saran wrap and dabbling it onto the polish and then dabbling it onto my nails. 

The other variation you paint a base color and then paint the second color and use saran wrap to remove the top layer so the bottom layer comes through, instead of using the saran wrap to apply the polish. That is the main difference. I may do a variation of that soon on my blog. We shall see. :)

XOX Caitlin

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  1. That's beautiful! I've been meaning to do a mani like that too ;)

  2. i love this color combination. it looks antique

  3. The gold looks awesome with the turquoise! Looks like a precious stone or something - great job! ;]

  4. PERFECT combo! Like Kelly said above me said it does look like a precious stone!

  5. the color combination is beautiful!!!

  6. this is such a perfect colour combination x

  7. It's almost like having gold leaf on your nails.

  8. I will never tire of these colors together; really pretty!


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