Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Barielle Summer Brights collection!

Today I have for you the Barielle Summer Brights collection!

 First up is Barielle Lemondrops.   This bright yellow was pretty easy to work with, shown here is two coats with a layer of G&Gs HK Girl Topcoat on top.

 Barielle Pink Flip Flops is the softest shade of this collection.  I would say this is a baby pink or cotton candy pink, and in the box with the others goes perfectly.

 Barielle Cosmic Kiss is a polish that I already owned prior to receiving this collection to review, so it is most likely a re-promote.  It is a gorgeous pink, and in this photo is showing a little more neon than in real life.   Two coats and one coat of topcoat are shown here.

Barielle Sweet Addiction is a green with a slight hint of teal in it.  The formula on this one is tied for my favorite, I could have done only one coat and been happy, but I applied two just out of habit.  Here is two coats with Topcoat. 

Finally the last polish in this collection is Barielle Blue Capri.  This and Sweet Addiction are tied for my favorite from this collection.  This is a gorgeous dusty blue that only really needed one coat, but I applied two out of habit.  Shown here is two coats with no topcoat because as you will see in the photo below topcoat somehow changes this polish! 

So here in this photo I started to add G&Gs HK Girl topcoat to the top of the nail, and I noticed that the polish began to lose its dusty tint to it, and became more of a vibrant blue! How strange! I still love it though, and with topcoat it is still a gorgeous color.  It just makes it more versatile!

Overall these polishes are all great colors for summer. My favorite polishes from this collection are Sweet Addiction and Blue Capri. The formula on most of these are pretty thick, but not to the point of being unusuable, I will suggest to not sit near a fan when polishing your nails, because that will dry out the polishes faster and they will become goopy, but if you polish your nails normally with 2 coats you should be fine. You can also add thinner if they are too thick for your liking.

These Barielle polishes can be purchased individually from their website for $8 (here) or in the 5 pack soon for $25 (here)

 XOX Caitlin

*These polishes were sent to me for my honest review*

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  1. I don't know, they don't seem to be super exciting. Maybe they watermarble awesomely or have some other great feature about them, but color-wise I think I have to many similar colors.


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