Thursday, April 11, 2013

IMATS NYC 2013 photos and Haul! (pic heavy!)

 This past weekend was so amazing.  I had the opportunity to visit NYC with some of my polish besties, and we had a blast! In this post will be my nails from IMATS and also my haul from IMATS.  If you follow me on instagram, you have already seen some of these photos, but I included more of the entire event in this post. :)

First up are the nails I wore to IMATS.  This polish is Jesse's Girl Julie G frosted gumdrop in Rock Candy. One of my friends had this before we went, and when I got to IMATS I picked this beauty up! There will be swatches later on of the part of collection I now own.

The next photo is of my haul! I know that everyone loves to see haul photos, I know I do!

I got 4 OCC lip tars at the IMATS and one at Sephora the day before: Pretty Boy, Strumpet, Stalker, Harlot, and Clear   (The price for the Lip Tars at the IMATS was $12 each(they are $18 regular price!))

I got from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics a set of 4 of the Frosted Gumdrops collection[they were out of two of them] and they were on sale for 3 for $10, so I walked away with 6 polishes. The four gumdrop polishes I got were Rock Candy, Crushed Candy, Hot Cinnamon, and Tangerine Dream, and for the other two I got Butterflies and Rosebuds a shimmery red-violet, and Gelato in Venice a pretty mint color. Also from Jesse's Girl I got an eyeshadow Palette($5), a lip gloss and a nail polish for free because Jesse walked around the line and handed me a bag of freebies! How sweet!

I also got some brushes at Imats: seen in the left of the photo, below I have a closer look at the brushes and the prices listed.

In total I spend less than $100. I totally could have spent more, its so easy and cheap to get things!

These are the brushes I got all layed out.  I got two of mostly every one, a set for me and a set for my mom.  Most of the black handle brushes were $1 excluding an eyeshadow shader brush which was $2.50.  The pink handle brushes were $3, and the large stipple brush on the end was $.7.50

 Now for more good stuff! The photos from IMATS! It was crazy packed around certain counters, and I didn't want to fight my way to the Inglot counter, so I just let it be. lol.

OCC and the Lip Tars!

Inglot makeup!

 The crowds

A makeup artist putting makeup on the model.

Some other photos from my trip!

My friend Marisa over at You Had me at Makeup!

My friend Jessica over at Polished10!

And my friend Pubali over at Color Sutraa!   Pubali brought me some gorgeous polishes from her trip to Turkey before IMATS! I can't wait to swatch them for you all!

Overall I had a great time! I had a fun time in New York and a great time at the IMATS!

XOX Caitlin

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  1. Your nails are absolutely gorgeous! So so pretty - mine always look like such a mess when I try to paint them. It's almost like a medium emerald green tone; now I want to find something similar at our local beauty supply shop. XD


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